Tuesday, 30 October 2012

We'll spend Winter like owls.

Hello there everyone! Hope you're all well?
It's getting colder and colder here! But I am not letting it get me down! And of course, tomorrow is Halloween! (I shall have a new post up for that too). As some of you may have seen on my Facebook page, I went to comic con this weekend that's just gone, and I must admit, it was amazing! I loved every minute. My camera isn't terrible good at indoor events, so thankfully my boyfriend went trigger happy at got lots of photos! I did dress up! I cosplayed Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia, though no one recognised that I was her. So next year, I'll have to go as someone a bit better known! 
Moving on to my latest lookbook post! Lots of owl print clothing has come out recently, I love them! 
Both tops and jeggings were from Newlook, the necklace was from H&M, the hair band was from Primark and then the Norwegian slipper boots were a present. Also see my mug? I thought it fitted quite well with this look as well! :3
The mug is from Marks and Spencers and was about £5. It comes in a pink owl design, or a blue fox design. Both of which I own. 
I am currently in the process of re-designing my room! Adding bits of pieces here and there, without actually going the full hog of painting and re-carpeting! (painting and re-carpeting is practically impossible with the two huge wardrobes in my room). Obviously, I would love to have my own place, a blank canvas per say to put my mark on, but however for now, I shall have to live with what I have! 

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Friday, 5 October 2012

Black horizon.

Winter has hit. Personally, it feels that Autumn has been skipped out completely. The weather is still a miss match, hot to cold, hot to cold! So here is a look that is suitable for Winter!
The black dress come's to just above my knee (I'm only 5 foot / 5'1) and also has long sleeves! I love the beaded peter pan collar. Though the beads have come off before after washes. The only downside with the dress, is the open knit sections. If there's a cold breeze out, you are gonna get cold if you don't have a vest underneith. I matched the whole outfit with a black satchel carrier bag, black floral fashion tights, and black boots and berret.
Also I took a new photo! This was taken by accident as I set my camera for a 2 second delay instead of 10. But this turn out so well! Edited to make it extra dramatic! And I must say I do love it! It fits perfectly with my Halloween inspired timeline cover for my page! 
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