Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What I love about fall!

I really do love this time of the year! It's not too hot, nor cold. The leaves are turning lots of different, gorgeous colours. And of course, all the clothing sales are on!
At this time of the year, all shops are trying to get rid of their summer stock, so they can bring in all the newest autumn/fall fashions! Personally, the fall fashions this year, are a little to be desired, but that is merely my opinion. Though I do have my eye on one or two select items! One, of which, you would have read about in my last blog post, (the owl jumper). I now own that jumper and I must say, I love it! But as well as the knitted jumpers, (I can only buy acrylic etc. as I'm allergic to wool), new hat, scarves, and gloves are coming out too! I have noticed how there is now a line of cardigans, bobble hats, scarves and gloves, all in a sort of tribal look design. The cardigan especially appeals to me! 
In all, I shall miss this summer! Our English weather has been rather... varied? With both hot and cold, wet spells. It's been a little miss matched to say the least. But I shall miss the time's I had. Going to the closing Olympic ceremony in Victoria Park, London was definitely one of the biggest high lights! But with saying that, I shall hopefully be back in London for new years to watch the 2013 fireworks! 
Closing on that, here are a few autumn-esk photos for you all! 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Winter fashions.

I can honestly not wait for winter! I love the cold, the snow, EVERYTHING! But most of all, I love the winter fashions! I simply love them! Big comfy jumpers with patterns on! Fluffy slipper boots, scarves, gloves / mittens, and of course hats and ear muffs! 
Also winter is the perfect excuse to cuddle up with a nice drink of hot chocolate and marshmallows! Some may say that the landscape is boring during the winter because of the snow, (when ever we get some that is), but I think it makes everything look far more magical! 
Here is a jumper which I am hoping to be getting very soon! It has owls on and I love the pattern and the colours! It's so simple, it will go with almost anything! So excited! 
So here are some photos I have reblogged on Tumblr in the past. Enjoy! :)