Saturday, 28 July 2012

Though most who know me, may think I am not a planner of anything, I am one of those who mentally designs anything and everything in my mind. So here is a small insight to what I am hoping to do later in life with a future home. & also what I am hoping to do with my room here in my parents house.
I adore, like so many, water colour images of Paris in both the day and the night. So I would love to either go there and paint my own, or buy some water colour paintings to bring home. They would perfectly suit a white decore bedroom! Which personally I would love! White vintage looking decore. So bed side tables, wardrobes. A metal framed bed with a floral design that the metal is fashioned to. The handles on both wardrobe, drawers etc would be a sort of amethyst crsytal look, in a rose carving. Black floral, vintage framed mirrors. I can picture it right now! 
I also love flowers! So it's a shame when flowers wilt and die. But now a days, you can get some really beautiful artificial ones. Then just spray them with perfume :3
But enough of my yacking, here are some photos that I have posted on Tumblr, that I would love to do in a future home. Enjoy!

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