Thursday, 5 July 2012

Never too short.

So here we are once again. A new blog, a new beginning of living to the fullest!
Howdy! My name is Kittie. Here I will be mainly posting about my looks. Fashion and my best little buys I generally get, a long with maybe some of my photography and stuff!

This is a big deal for me. As I'm rather short, standing in at about 5 foot / 5'1, most dresses, even when meant to be short, are too long for me! So I normally have to shorten them myself! However! I found this gorgeous maxi dress in a little shop called Whisper, and it fits like a dream! Light, comfy, AND I'm tall enough to wear it!
As well as it being the perfect size and length, it was a cheap price as well at only £5.99. With the amount of accessories which I own, I am able to change up the look that I can combine with this dress quite a fair bit! I love it to pieces! The only problem is, the store where this was bought normally disappears around Halloween and Christmas times as it turns into a themed store for those 2 holiday events.

You can find this look on my lookbook here. Hypes and fans would be awesome! More posts to come very very soon! ♥

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