Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lazy flowers flowing in the wind.

Recently the weather really does not seem to be able to make it's mind up! We had a short stint of gorgeous sunny, hot, with a gentle breeze kind of weather, and then even more recent, none stop rain, with the odd thunder and lightning storm! So I wanted to try and embrace what little of Summer we are seeing, by dressing in floral type clothing, which is light and flowing. But then of course, the weather changes once again, and my idea has to change with it. Have to look at it this way.. with all the rain stopping me from going out, I'm getting a lot more done then I would do normally! Cleaning, tidying, doing some art, sorting things out... I'm your every day wonder woman!
(Thank you to JW for editing my photos)
Floral dress, & necklace from Newlook, knee high socks, & cardigan from Primark, boots from Internacionale

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