Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hiss on show.

The weather is still terrible, with a number of flood warnings around my general area. But that didn't stop me going to Birmingham with Lucy! Thankfully the Bull Ring shopping district is mainly all indoors, allowing us to avoid the majority of the rain! The main purpose of the trip was to actually find me an outfit to wear to my boyfriends work do. Sadly I didn't find one! However, Lucy had told me about a shop called David & Goliath. It's full of lots of mad and crazy designed tops, hoodies, etc. I have to admit, If I had the money, I could easily spend hundreds of pounds in that store in one go! Thankfully I don't have that amount to mess around with haha! But I did find this hoodie! It's a cat version of the band Kiss! But this is called Hiss! See what they did there? Haha. I love this hoodie so much! It's so cuddly and warm!

Hiss "band" hoodie from David & Goliath

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