Friday, 27 July 2012

Floral presents for the future.

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in posts. It's been rather hectic! Been attempting to sort out a number of things in the past couple of weeks. As well as generally going out and hanging with my boyfriend and friends! During the 2 weeks, I have been to a small get together at my friends, Comic Con in Manchester and also been into town a number of times on small shopping trips!
I have bought myself a number of additions to my wardrobe! Including, an animal print top, open knit black and white striped jumped, a white frill dress, and also a earth tone floral dress. The dresses especially, I am rocking at the moment, because after all the rain and the flooding, England has hit a heat wave! I am honestly loving it! I adore floral looks at the moment, so this weather is just perfect! And as I have a rather extensive jewellery collection, I'm able to mix and match most of my looks, which again, I am loving!
I have 2 looks showing some of my newer purchases on my lookbook account, so go hype and check them out here! I am also hoping to buy these lovely new items that have recently hit stores! The shoes I already have, the lipstick as well I have, but in a less bright tone which would suit the dress better. As for the nail varnish, again, I have my own in a less harsh tone to suit better!

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