Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Embracing the failed summer of the fated year.

Rain, rain, rain, rain, sun comes out! *Hopes get raised*... Rain... rain... RAIN!
Most of these photos were taken a while ago. On a day when it was actually sunny... for a day! And then it rained again. So it's getting a little difficult to take photos at the moment due to this terrible weather!
However! There is a silver lining upon the clouds! My friend Lucy and I shall be doing a mini photoshoot very soon! We're just sorting out locations, themes and looks. I'm so excited words can't describe! 
I'm also hoping for better weather very soon! BBQ's with amazing clothes and amazing company too! I'm mentally planning my outfit for it in my head haha. My outfit will most likely feature my latest buy! A pair of off pink and purple celestial leggings! I am so chuffed with them! :3 They will most likely feature in my new lookbook look! As for now, I shall leave you with these photos :)

(Thank you to JW for editing the photos of me!)
Floral denim shorts & the wicker floral case were from Primark, black vest, crochet top and necklace were all from Newlook. You can also find this look on my lookbook here.

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