Saturday, 28 July 2012

Though most who know me, may think I am not a planner of anything, I am one of those who mentally designs anything and everything in my mind. So here is a small insight to what I am hoping to do later in life with a future home. & also what I am hoping to do with my room here in my parents house.
I adore, like so many, water colour images of Paris in both the day and the night. So I would love to either go there and paint my own, or buy some water colour paintings to bring home. They would perfectly suit a white decore bedroom! Which personally I would love! White vintage looking decore. So bed side tables, wardrobes. A metal framed bed with a floral design that the metal is fashioned to. The handles on both wardrobe, drawers etc would be a sort of amethyst crsytal look, in a rose carving. Black floral, vintage framed mirrors. I can picture it right now! 
I also love flowers! So it's a shame when flowers wilt and die. But now a days, you can get some really beautiful artificial ones. Then just spray them with perfume :3
But enough of my yacking, here are some photos that I have posted on Tumblr, that I would love to do in a future home. Enjoy!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Floral presents for the future.

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in posts. It's been rather hectic! Been attempting to sort out a number of things in the past couple of weeks. As well as generally going out and hanging with my boyfriend and friends! During the 2 weeks, I have been to a small get together at my friends, Comic Con in Manchester and also been into town a number of times on small shopping trips!
I have bought myself a number of additions to my wardrobe! Including, an animal print top, open knit black and white striped jumped, a white frill dress, and also a earth tone floral dress. The dresses especially, I am rocking at the moment, because after all the rain and the flooding, England has hit a heat wave! I am honestly loving it! I adore floral looks at the moment, so this weather is just perfect! And as I have a rather extensive jewellery collection, I'm able to mix and match most of my looks, which again, I am loving!
I have 2 looks showing some of my newer purchases on my lookbook account, so go hype and check them out here! I am also hoping to buy these lovely new items that have recently hit stores! The shoes I already have, the lipstick as well I have, but in a less bright tone which would suit the dress better. As for the nail varnish, again, I have my own in a less harsh tone to suit better!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Embracing the failed summer of the fated year.

Rain, rain, rain, rain, sun comes out! *Hopes get raised*... Rain... rain... RAIN!
Most of these photos were taken a while ago. On a day when it was actually sunny... for a day! And then it rained again. So it's getting a little difficult to take photos at the moment due to this terrible weather!
However! There is a silver lining upon the clouds! My friend Lucy and I shall be doing a mini photoshoot very soon! We're just sorting out locations, themes and looks. I'm so excited words can't describe! 
I'm also hoping for better weather very soon! BBQ's with amazing clothes and amazing company too! I'm mentally planning my outfit for it in my head haha. My outfit will most likely feature my latest buy! A pair of off pink and purple celestial leggings! I am so chuffed with them! :3 They will most likely feature in my new lookbook look! As for now, I shall leave you with these photos :)

(Thank you to JW for editing the photos of me!)
Floral denim shorts & the wicker floral case were from Primark, black vest, crochet top and necklace were all from Newlook. You can also find this look on my lookbook here.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hiss on show.

The weather is still terrible, with a number of flood warnings around my general area. But that didn't stop me going to Birmingham with Lucy! Thankfully the Bull Ring shopping district is mainly all indoors, allowing us to avoid the majority of the rain! The main purpose of the trip was to actually find me an outfit to wear to my boyfriends work do. Sadly I didn't find one! However, Lucy had told me about a shop called David & Goliath. It's full of lots of mad and crazy designed tops, hoodies, etc. I have to admit, If I had the money, I could easily spend hundreds of pounds in that store in one go! Thankfully I don't have that amount to mess around with haha! But I did find this hoodie! It's a cat version of the band Kiss! But this is called Hiss! See what they did there? Haha. I love this hoodie so much! It's so cuddly and warm!

Hiss "band" hoodie from David & Goliath

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lazy flowers flowing in the wind.

Recently the weather really does not seem to be able to make it's mind up! We had a short stint of gorgeous sunny, hot, with a gentle breeze kind of weather, and then even more recent, none stop rain, with the odd thunder and lightning storm! So I wanted to try and embrace what little of Summer we are seeing, by dressing in floral type clothing, which is light and flowing. But then of course, the weather changes once again, and my idea has to change with it. Have to look at it this way.. with all the rain stopping me from going out, I'm getting a lot more done then I would do normally! Cleaning, tidying, doing some art, sorting things out... I'm your every day wonder woman!
(Thank you to JW for editing my photos)
Floral dress, & necklace from Newlook, knee high socks, & cardigan from Primark, boots from Internacionale

Never too short.

So here we are once again. A new blog, a new beginning of living to the fullest!
Howdy! My name is Kittie. Here I will be mainly posting about my looks. Fashion and my best little buys I generally get, a long with maybe some of my photography and stuff!

This is a big deal for me. As I'm rather short, standing in at about 5 foot / 5'1, most dresses, even when meant to be short, are too long for me! So I normally have to shorten them myself! However! I found this gorgeous maxi dress in a little shop called Whisper, and it fits like a dream! Light, comfy, AND I'm tall enough to wear it!
As well as it being the perfect size and length, it was a cheap price as well at only £5.99. With the amount of accessories which I own, I am able to change up the look that I can combine with this dress quite a fair bit! I love it to pieces! The only problem is, the store where this was bought normally disappears around Halloween and Christmas times as it turns into a themed store for those 2 holiday events.

You can find this look on my lookbook here. Hypes and fans would be awesome! More posts to come very very soon! ♥